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The Glorious Cause of Liberty

Advocating Personal Sovereignty, Self-Government and Individual Liberty for All

Purpose and Mission

The Militia Wire was founded by capital market trader and liberty advocate Christopher Nawojczyk to promote the ideals of individual liberty, personal sovereignty, free-market capitalism, and limited government under the Constitution. These principles are based on Natural Law philosophy from the Enlightenment Era (Age of Reason), which gave rise to the American War for Independence. Chris built this platform as a labor of love to educate and inspire the American people, encouraging the exercise of natural rights to protect our constitutional republic.

MISSION STATEMENT: The Militia Wire exists to advocate, uphold and defend the longstanding ideologies of Individual Liberty, Personal Sovereignty, Free-Market Capitalism, and Limited Government for the American people. We teach the principles of Natural Law from ancient philosophy and the Age of Reason that instigated the American War for Independence. Thus we promote the authentic traditions of United States heritage to educate and free humanity from the shackles of slavery.

This campaign was founded to uphold natural rights which are self-evident and inalienable. Historic advocates of this doctrine such as British Juris William Blackstone, John Locke, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and others have set the groundwork for the United States’ emergence as the bastion of freedom, affluence and prosperity around the world (notwithstanding the corruption today).

The Militia Wire promotes these longstanding values to uphold liberty and find solutions to today’s societal issues from a principled approach. We operate a regular YouTube channel along with the constant accumulation of content on this site. At present we are just getting the ball rolling, but in the near future Chris Nawojczyk endeavors inviting guests on the Factor to discuss the issues of our day, with debates and differences of opinion to stimulate intellectual thought and discourse in a civilized public space.

Though we hold fast to our values and principles, we will not compromise our message for the sake of preserving our platform online. Many people in this country are trying instigate socialism and ideals that are authoritarian. This runs counter to traditional American values and guarantees the end of our republic if implemented. Therefore, we will not subside and we shall uphold our standards.

Operating Under Threat of Free Speech Censorship

Background concept wordcloud illustration of open source intelligence (OSINT) and software.
Background concept wordcloud illustration of open source intelligence (OSINT) and software.

Thus, due to the authoritarian attack on social media and Internet censorship by predominantly the radical left, our long-term aim is to eventually move off of YouTube and other third-party platforms that we lack full control of by purchasing our own private servers to host the content on our platform. Such recent censorship shutdowns have occurred to figures of the alternative media. Whether we agree with their message is not important; rather, we should promote free speech regardless of our ideals because the only way to justly combat false, corruptible speech—is with more speech. Advocating state intervention of technology platforms, or simply encouraging the passing of laws to prosecute “hate speech,” is both stupid and a violation to the natural right of free expression.

Because of the insidious manner of big-tech censorship on YouTube and other platforms, until our own servers are up and running we will conduct our verbiage and rhetoric on such platforms with extreme caution, without watering down our message. For instance, when referring to a particular event or person who might be under fire in the media due to outrageous allegations of hate speech or bigotry, we will describe the situation on YouTube in such a manner that prevents us from getting flagged or banned. This is done by sometimes not giving the names or in-depth details of the facts as to derail attempts of flagging our content “inappropriate.”

We also conduct our interviews and broadcasts the way a court functions in a proceeding—in a sterile, intelligent manner. Thus even when we do have our own servers, we do not believe in the necessity to use fowl language or immature remarks to get a point across. We feel such attempts are immature and unsophisticated. Nevertheless, real humor is never resisted. We strive to be authentic, entertaining, and yet professional.

Origins of Chris Nawojczyk

United States Marine Corps (2006 – 2012)

Lt Christopher Nawojczyk USMC commissioning (2011) in Boston, MA, wearing dress blue uniform.

Christopher Nawojczyk is originally from Southeastern Massachusetts where he grew up, attended private school, and got involved in reenacting the American War for Independence in Lexington and Concord. She started playing the fife at age 11 in the Sudbury Ancient Fyfe and Drum Companie, in Sudbury, MA. In late 2016, she moved to California with the intent to finish law school; however, things took a turn due to the school being a very bad one. She will finish her JD, but not there.

In 2006 Chris enlisted in the United States Marine Corps and went to Paris Island. Four years into active duty, having completed a 7 month tour in Iraq, he applied and was accepted into the Meritorious Commissioning Program (MCP) to become a commissioned officer. He subsequently attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Quantico, Virginia, returned home to Massachusetts for 18 months to finish the remainder of his degree at Boston College, and earned his commission as a Second Lieutenant in May of 2011. From there, having been technically stationed in Newport, RI, and part of the Boston University NROTC, he shipped off to The Basic School (TBS) in Quantico, VA, to finish the training pipeline.

A year and a half after being commissioned Chris decided to resign and return home with an honorable discharge. At this point she had gotten fed up with the culture of young officers and Marines in general. She became disgusted with U.S. foreign policy and our empire agenda of interventionism. She wanted to serve her country and defend the original constitutional republic that was established after 1776. Having woken up tremendously to the corrupt state of affairs in Washington D.C. and the American culture, she wanted no part of this war machine funded by blind Americans and military-industrial complex.

Chris also got sick of the young lieutenants at TBS along with the whole training pipeline. This final screening process of company grade officers is based on democratic tyranny via peer evaluations. Many of her peers, having either come from the college campus or the Naval Academy, did not like me very much. Chris has an uncompromising personality due to the way he was created, which includes her conservative-libertarian upbringing at home. Aside from the many rumors that people have said about Christopher’s USMC days, he decided to leave TBS on his own accord after going to her Captain and requesting to resign her commission, despite the option to stay.

Though he could have remained in training and followed through to the operating forces, he was not going to compromise her morals and values for the unAmerican empire of bloodshed in the name of “spreading peace and democracy around the world”—in addition to the grotesque military culture of the day. Had the U.S. military been solely acting in a defensive mode for the nation, and had the USMC training pipeline been conducted on MERIT and not favoritism, she would have stayed in longer. Thus Chris is happy to have gotten out because he has free speech again, to stand for her ideologies as a constitutional American.

Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.
Lieutenant Chris Nawojczyk at The Basic School in Quantico, VA, in 2012.

Law School Endeavors

After a couple years of moving home to Boston he applied and was admitted to Suffolk University Law School. Chris successfully completed her 1L year with passing grades but decided to transfer out to a school in California, which turned out to be a grotesque, living hell. Without getting into details (future blog posts will explain), he needed to leave home in Massachusetts and venture elsewhere. However, the school he went to thereafter was an unprofessional “ABA” accredited institution that almost lost their American Bar Association credentials, after defaulting on their new building and having to move the school down the road. Hence, the professors SUCKED and were racist against White people for the most part.

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