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Attack on Iran General is Trigger for Markets and 2020 Election

I wouldn’t be surprised if gold and silver soar to $1,600 U.S. dollars per ounce by spring considering the nature of geopolitical events. The recent attack and killing of Iranian General Suleimani will cause multiple chain of events in the coming months.

First: Oil, gold and silver prices will rise, as have already been seen this morning. Prices of gas at the pumps may increase at least for the short term. The S&P 500 took a slight hit today amid its all-time highs, opening this morning at its low of $3,225.19 before recovering slightly throughout the day. It may not be long before the U.S. stock market takes a major hit, which is long overdue because of cheap Federal Reserve money supply and artificial suppression of interest rates.

Second: U.S. politics will continue to rage in division and dissent as the Trump impeachment hearings in the Senate continue their course and the nation’s potential war with Iran amounts. The tables are becoming shaky for both average Americans and Washington officials as threats of national security get stronger. President Trump must act decisively from this point forward in order to avoid undue accusations by his party opponents in the upcoming 2020 election.

Both the economy and the nature of Trump’s recent military actions play an integral role on whether he gets reelected. If the economy plunges due to going to war, the Democrats will blame his actions on being a poor leader. However, if the president’s decisions result in greater stability by November 2020, he will only gain further support.

Consequences Yet to Come

Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.
Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.

I am personally concerned about all this. The Trump administration is far from perfect, but ideologically superior to the Democratic Party contenders running against him in 2020. I have consistently taken an anti-war, pro-peace stance as a libertarian. I believe in national defense and the role of the military, but only when U.S. national security is threatened.

However, what we have here is a long, drawn-out series of foreign policy finagling. We have mettled in the affairs of Middle East affairs for decades starting with the CIA in the 1980s—which laid the groundwork to provoke Bin Ladin’s attack on 9/11/2001. I am highly opposed to the Islamic regimes of Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc., but if they are not committing direct threats against us, it’s better to just leave them alone.

Unfortunately, we are in a geopolitical mess. Despite my disagreements with President Trump’s foreign policy inconsistencies (he claims to withdraw troops, but then deploys more)—Donald Trump would be an overall better choice for president in 2020 compared to the democratic socialists and authoritarians now running against him on the left.

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