San Diego Downtown harbor at sunset during winter showing docked boats and the city skyline in the distance.

California Can Have the Madness, I’m Done

I am absolutely sick and tired of the Peoples Republic of California, the socialist multicultural nightmare that used to be a coveted place. Though California is still beautiful, and not all conditions are detestable, it has gone downhill substantially from an economic, cultural, and moral standpoint.

I’ve lived here in the Golden State for over two years now in San Diego County. Having come from Boston and greater New England, my snobbiness for high standards and low tolerance for morons never wanes. I completely abhor some of the inhabitants of this place. Though laziness, stupidity, and multicultural nightmares sweep much of this nation’s coastal cities, I find a particular form of attitude among many Southern Californians. However, this is mostly the transplants, which is a fair few. In other words, I have met many native Californians who have lived here their whole lives, and depending on their socioeconomic level, they’re usually of good nature, high work ethic, and moral character.

Nevertheless, this is a minority. I find a slew of trashy, unkept properties down here, with people who either own or rent homes that have junk hanging around in their yards. The pathetic standards of low-class filth are truly detestable to one with New England values.

Talk about trashy homes, filthy neighborhoods, and a “zombie apocalypse”—Southern California has a mix of everyone in its overpopulation. This is mainly in San Diego County though, in the sector of low socioeconomic class apart from the million dollar McMansions in gated communities along with other coastal-bordering establishments. The upper-class are either arrogant snots or benevolent people, but I’ve seen lots of empty-spirited scumbags who happen to be rich.

Why is Southern California Full of Lazy Low-Lifes?

Southern California has attracted the average pleasure-seeker from around the world. Yet, as is the case with human nature, people are lazy, greedy, and self-centered. Only the virtuous overcome the tendency to take the path of least resistance, meaning they become financially independent. Thus “average” today in America is broke, uneducated, unhealthy, and stupid. If you want to be successful and do something worthwhile with your life you have to be different from the rest. You must consciously choose not to do what the others do whether you feel like it or not.

When I observe the people in California, aside from what’s left of the White middle class, I see low-lifes everywhere, especially in San Diego County. Orange County, nonetheless, has a better class of people with a stronger work ethic. You can see this just by driving around and seeing the public at stores, shopping malls, and the beach. It’s cleaner there, with better quality streets and neighborhoods of residents who actually give a care what their yard looks like (you won’t find clutter and trash in the yard).

I don’t want to sound negative, but I have to speak this out. It’s true. I have gotten confirmation just from talking to other locals about this topic. They agree, with statements such as “There’s no culture here,” “Do you miss Boston?,” and “Northern Californians have a negative attitude toward southern Californians.” These are a few of the many comments I’ve received from interacting with others.

The Laws are Tyrannical and Oppressive

People don’t care about their liberty in California like they do in Texas, for example. California is full of domesticated ‘sheeple’ who value pleasure over personal liberty and lower taxes—but have neither because their socialist state treats them like Soviet masses. It sounds cynical, but it’s true. I am disgusted at much of the attitudes I have encountered from locals around here. The typical “leftist” persona is that of a space-shot who lives in a world of make believe. They have no sympathy for people who work hard to earn their keep, and their sense of virtues and moral character is lacking. Of course, this is not everybody, but as a trend I have noticed such people here.

There are plenty of red-state Californians here, but most are away from the cities. Because they have the weaker vote, the morons of Slavelandia Metropolis keep the dirty politicians in office.

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