Government Shutdown

Government shut occurs when the U.S. Congress in Washington D.C. does not decide on a resolution for the fiscal budget of the upcoming year. As a result the federal government “shuts down” causes secondary or less important entities to be closed, such as national parks. Employees of such agencies usually go without pay during this furloughing period, and subsequently get back-pay once the government reopens.

Federal employees rally to reopen the government after the longest shutdown in American history.

[Opinion] Government Reopens After Longest Shutdown (01/25/19)

Before entertaining the multitudes of Americans who complain of the recent 35-day shutdown we must understand the true role of government. Many people are clueless concerning what government is actually for. There is a principled approach to state responsibility in this constitutional republic. Spoiler: it’s about protecting FREEDOM—not government paychecks.

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