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Welcome to The Militia Wire contributions page. Learn how to join our Noble Cause to receive perks as a columnist or reporter of our team. Contribute as an author and receive proper compensation for your research and hard work. We are seeking competent, literary journalists, reporters and writers to fill the ranks and spread the message of Freedom to the American people. Just as the Pamphleteers did in the American Revolution, your service to our nation shall be greatly cherished!

Instructions: Contact Chief Editor Chris Nawojczyk to inquire about signing up as a contributor. Once you start a dialog we will build a professional relationship in a team effort. Whether working remotely or in physical proximity, our aim is to employ quality authors so that our message of Liberty and education can spread like wildfire.

Ways to Contribute


If you are a writer or journalist you can become an official partner with us and have access to your own login credentials to publish posts. Also, you can send in completed posts to Chris Nawojczyk who will then publish them on your behalf. We are free market capitalist who believe in proper compensation for good, honest work. Whether you choose to remain anonymous is up to you. The following are a guideline of compensation rewards:

3,000 Word Article

For a comprehensive 3,000 word article we will pay $40 USD. In addition you can publicize yourself as the author with description biography and links back to your own sites.

Guest Post [Copy of Original]

If you own a blog and have an article published elsewhere on the Internet, you can submit your article for publishing here at TMW. A flat fee of $20 USD will be dispensed.

Please Note: All candidates who submit content are screened and evaluated by Christopher Nawojczyk or our executive team. We only admit professional, informative content that brings value to the mission of The Militia Wire. This includes articles that render creative writing, proper grammar, and correct citations of original sources to give credit where due, as well as avoid plagiarism and copyright violations. We make payments to our contributors either through PayPal, check, or cash (if in person). Our ultimate aim is to gain a team of regular contributors who produce consistent great content.

Submit Data, Photos or Videos

Perhaps you are not a writer but would like to send us photos you took at a noteworthy event. You can receive access to an email by contacting us below. We will be happy to publish the content you send if it supports our mission and brings further awareness to our audience. The data you send could either be placed solely in a gallery, a brief snippet on the site, or incorporated into a blog post we write.

Contact us below to express your interest in contributing.

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