Second Amendment

UnAmerican: Red Flag Laws Violate Natural Rights

In the wake of the recent mass shootings, both Donald Trump and certain GOP members are taking action to pass more gun control legislation. Such ‘caving’ on behalf of the party that long protected the inherent right to bear arms—is utterly pathetic! ARE REPUBLICANS REALLY TURNING THE CORNER ON GUNS? The aftermath of the recent shootings in […]


California Can Have the Madness, I’m Done

I am absolutely sick and tired of the Peoples Republic of California, the socialist multicultural nightmare that used to be a coveted place. Though California is still beautiful, and not all conditions are detestable, it has gone downhill substantially from an economic, cultural, and moral standpoint. I’ve lived here in the Golden State for over […]

Personal Sovereignty

Why I Get Up at 0445 Most Mornings

Getting up early in the morning has important benefits. A key feature is the realization that you are awake before everyone else, thus giving your productivity an edge. While they are all asleep, you are making things happen, sharpening your axe, and burning the lamp oil. Thus getting up super early affects both your overall […]