President Donald Trump speaking at 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).

Why Would Service Members Support Donald Trump?

A U.S. military squadron was reported to have bought unit patches for their uniforms with a depiction of Trump and the slogan “Make Aircrew Great Again.” Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV emphasized how the media is not happy with troops supporting their own commander-in-chief. However, many service members might be fed up with this president. Under the USMJ, the military is to remain neutral concerning support for a political office. They simply do what they are told and obey orders without question. Thus not everyone who wears a uniform is happy with the decisions of Washington D.C., which is why they leave.

Why Support a President Who Takes You to Irrelevant Foreign Wars?

Donald Trump can behave like a contradicting lunatic. He said on the campaign trail that Iraq was a mistake, and supported the extraction of troops from the Middle East, but people he appoints such as John Bolton, talk him into staying. President Trump raves about how great the service members are, which really is code for: “You’re doing our dirty work by keeping the empire alive by your blood and sacrifice.” This may sound cruel, but I say it in good conscience. It’s the truth. We are not fighting wars for our own national defense or security. I served in the Marine Corps for six years and went to Iraq. I woke up around 2012 by seeing how corrupt the DoD and Washington is, and never regretted resigning my commission.

I don’t care what people think of me. The way I speak about the military, police and politicians in this country is far from the facade of apple pie, Memorial Day and the waving of flags. I am honestly disgusted at the state of our nation. The culture especially is sick. This includes the service members, many of which share interventionist foreign policy sentiments fueled by their neoconservative parents and the war machine propaganda in the media. For example, I remember speaking with a young lieutenant in Quantico, VA, once while discussing the Syrian conflict in 2012. He responded that Washington D.C. should just “send us” over there to straighten it out. Sure, kid—we are the ultimate police and protector of Planet Earth (NOT!).

No, I do NOT support the troops going over to Afghanistan and staying for 17 years, causing “blowback” (a CIA term) by angering radical extremists to commit terrorist acts over here. Yes, I support the military in its defensive role, protecting the nation and its constitution, but the overwhelming majority of what our troops do today is police the world which makes the United States LESS SAFE. American interventionism is a poisonous cancer.

Donald Trump’s Ridiculous Policies

President Trump is a businessman, His policies resemble a corporate enterprise that are not appropriate for the White House. His tariffs and doing deals with foreign nations only works to a degree. Trump is not a constitutionalist because he lacks the fundamental ideologies to keep the troops home and protect our own soil. He appointed some extremely sick people in his cabinet. Why are service members making patches on their uniforms, using their own money to promote an authoritarian who makes friends with dictators in China and North Korea, who makes filthy weapons deals with Saudi Arabia in a kind, diplomatic way? It’s because Donald Trump is a complete fool. So no, I don’t support him.

The Donald Trump Cult

There is a term out there known as “Trump derangement syndrome,” representing those who detest the president and cannot seem to stop protesting about it. I have a counter term, “Pro-Trump derangement syndrome.” This describes the avid supports who will chew you out at virtually any criticism of Donald Trump—as if he was God. Such type of stupid allegiance is similar to the sentiments toward a dictator among the people. When socialist, fascist and communist regimes rise to power the people’s initial support is nearly unquestionable endorsement. It isn’t until the inner working become known that the people revolt, but then it’s too late. Such is the sad state of affairs with many of the right-wing so-called “conservatives” who claim to uphold the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Not exactly. Trump recently considered banning firearm silencers at an interview with Piers Morgan in England—a very slippery slope.

Leaving the USMC in 2012

I could hardly wait for the day my contract ended and I was officially discharged (honorably), so that I could start speaking out against the president and Congress. I support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the ideologies of the Founding based on Natural Law. I do NOT support the American Empire. This is hard to take among many, and they do not understand my sentiment, being a former Marine. Some think there are serious problems with me in the way I think. Regardless of what they assume, they are wrong. They are ignorant, and I do not have to explain myself to the simple.

Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.
Lt Chris Nawojczyk, USMC wearing green cammies at TBS in Quantico, Virginia.

There is something wrong with the ignorance in our society. The simple-mindedness is very irritating. Some presume that I am on the left after hearing me criticize Trump. I am NOT. Democrats and Republicans are equally wicked—yes WICKED. I don’t use my words lightly. I mean what I say, and the fact most Americans hardly know how to READ it is not surprising they jump to novice conclusion about my political persuasion. If I explained myself it would take about five minutes, but they still would not understand. I am too complex for such a low IQ populous.

I am pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-market. I am a capitalist, yet one who advocates for removing the welfare state and the initiative to build a wall at the southern border. If we adhered to the godly principles of personal stewardship and personal sovereignty that both demand responsibility, the ideal economic, social and cultural consequences would amount. There would be no need for a wall.

I uphold the idea of having a military that is 100 percent committed to national DEFENSE. As similar to Switzerland’s militia which never got attacked during WWII and neither faces radical jihad threats, the United States could be a true “city on a hill” that serves as a model of Virtue to the rest of the world.

Every extended military engagement since WWII has been legally unconstitutional because Congress did not vote. In order to send troops into combat for an extended period of time the House of Representatives must approve. This rests on the premise that the People control the large decisions of our country. The president can only activate the military for immediate response due to national security being at stake. However, to persist in sending more troops to a given location, with a Pentagon budget that keeps growing, is unlawful and immoral.

It is immoral because it undermines the people’s ability to control their own destiny, and that of their children who sign up. The tax placed on the American people from going to war is familial, economic, cultural, and one that affects national security. If you don’t like going to airports and having the TSA ‘feel’ you, as well as the annoying checkpoint lines, it’s because the USA has gotten into foreign affairs that was none of its business. When George Washington warned against “foreign entanglements” in his Farewell Address, he spoke something into history for which neocons ought to take note.

Facing Backlash for Opposing Trump

The multitude of Trump supporters who attack me for criticizing his character and policies seem to suffer from the same case of cognitive dissonance as the left. When Obamacare was passed, for example, we on the right were seen as hateful, racist people who didn’t care about those who can’t afford medical coverage. However, they could not put two-and-two together—logic went out the door. When giving reasons why the ACA was bankrupting the economy by destroying small business and taking unique coverage plans away from many Americans, they simply could knowledge the facts. Similarly, people with “pro-Trump derangement syndrome” boastfully wear their MAGA hats and demonize me for saying Trump does not support limited government nor much of the Constitution—because he doesn’t.

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